Custom Metal Fabrication Services in Seattle, WA

Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating is your source for custom designed products constructed from stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel in Washington, Alaska and California.


If you are looking for first-rate craftsmanship of unique products made from stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel, custom metal fabrication with Seattle-based Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating is the way to go. Thanks to our design team, you won’t have to pick from a catalogue of products that partially fit your budget or needs: we build what you want, when you want it, on time and within your budget.

At Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating you’re not just working with our team: you’re on it. We’ll communicate with you and ensure that your project has the attention it deserves. In the world of design, things don’t always happen quickly and there’s usually a reason for it. Our team is familiar with the obstacles associated with custom fabrication and how to manage them.

In addition to all of the above, we are also one of the few companies that is also equipped to take on the demands of stainless due to our skilled craftsmen, a dedicated production area and our utilization of passivation. We have a strong track record in producing high quality railings, bollards, tables and more for several large clients including construction companies, municipalities and government agencies.

We proudly serve Washington, Alaska and California including major markets such as Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Anchorage. To utilize our experience and expertise in design, engineering, fabrication finishing and shipping, reach out to one of our dedicated consultants now at 206-898-8859.