Library Shelving in Seattle, WA

Serving the Alaska Area

When you enter a store or library as a patron, you notice the books, bags, and other items on the shelves. When you visit the same space as a facility manager, architect, or business owner, you see an entirely different picture.

At Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc., we help professionals like you maintain and improve these retail and recreation spaces. We design and build essentials from retail displays to library shelving throughout Alaska.

Our Services

We work with wood, metal, acrylic and glass to create practical and dynamic fixtures. Our products include:

  • Displays: Whether you curate a museum or run a retail location, you want to catch your patrons’ eyes. We construct sturdy, well-lit displays for every purpose.
  • Shelving: We don’t just create new shelving for businesses—we work with your space to enhance ease of use and clientele engagement.
  • Signage: With our custom signs and wayfinding, we make it easy to navigate even the largest, most complex buildings.

Your Next Step

In addition to the custom components listed above, we also provide design assistance and construction. We work with you from drafting to installation to ensure the end product meets your needs and expectations.

Whether you need a sign, metal enclosure, or library shelving in Anchorage, Fairbanks, or anywhere in Alaska, rely on Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc. Call us today at (206) 898-8859 to begin realizing your vision for your store, library branch, school, museum, or medical facility.