Read about What Makes Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc. an Industry Leader

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Searching for a better shelving fixture or Wayfinding solution? Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve their objectives. Here’s how:

At Elliott Bay, we don’t sell products; we provide solutions.

Because you are our priority, we ask questions to find out what you want, what you care about, and what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Every customer is different. More than ever, you face concerns unique to your business. Once we find out what those concerns are, we’re able to customize your solution, just as we’ve done ever since we began in 1991.

It’s important to the Elliott Bay team to learn how our products or services can meet your needs, which is why we imagine ourselves in your shoes from the beginning to the end of the solution process.

At Elliott Bay, you will find a company who genuinely wants to help you find solutions for your business, as well as someone who explores those solutions with you. You’ll also find someone who is your partner in the design and manufacturing process.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Offer quality and dependability in our reasonably priced fixtures and railings
  • Make your job easier by working as your project manager (we have complete teams in sales, design, manufacturing, shipping, and customer support)

Whether your projects are large or small, we help you get any job done—right and on time. Contact us today and let’s start a dialog!