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How to Create Exciting Environments That Entice Your Patrons with Custom Fixtures and Shelving

Don’t let our name confuse you. We are much more than a metal fabricator. At Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc., we design and manufacture custom display fixtures, Wayfinding fixtures, signs, and shelving for libraries and other businesses using wood, acrylic, metal, laminate, and glass. When you need a high-quality, customized solution, you can count on our superior products and experience.

Whether you want a unique shelving solution or an eye-catching sign that will help direct your customers to where they want to go, Elliott Bay has the know-how, experience, and creative vision to make your needs a reality. We go beyond simple metal fabrication to come up with attractive, functional solutions for your business.

We can also create solutions for your specific functionality needs. For example, we helped the King County Library near Seattle, Washington, come up with a new display shelving system. As the third-largest public library in the United States, they had unique needs we needed to address.Together with them, we created a modular shelving system that provided them with the versatility they needed. Each unit was designed to support everything from display shelves and bins to LED monitors. They were also configured to allow for data and power wiring.

Though this is just one example of what we’re able to accomplish, we know that we can help businesses in all industries find the custom solution they need. We’ve already created custom products for signs, fixtures, furniture, museum displays, OEM parts, and more. We’re always looking to participate with new businesses and industries.

In addition to finding custom solutions, we’re with you through the entire process. As well as the design and fabrication of your signs, fixtures, or shelving, we also take care of prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, installation, and project management. Instead of bouncing between companies for each of these stages, we take care of it all from start to finish.

At Elliott Bay, service is number one. We genuinely want to help you find solutions for your business by exploring your needs and partnering with you during design and manufacturing. To get solutions that are not canned or “one size fits all,” call us today at (206) 898-8859 or contact us via email.